What Are Soffits and Why Are They Needed?

What Are Soffits and Why Are They Needed?

What is a roofing soffit and why is it needed? The soffit plays both an aesthetic role as well as a functional one. It helps create a connection between the roof and the siding, and it also provides much needed ventilation to the attic. 

Read on as the roofing professionals from Northern Pacific Roofing give you a quick overview of this important roofing component.

Reduces Roofing Problems

Soffits help shield the underside of your residential roofing system from anything that could cause damage–such as moisture, insects and overheating. The soffit can also help you get rid of mildew, mold and wood rot. Improper air flow can also cause ice dam formation during colder months. Ice dams are a leading cause of leakage problems in roofs.

Ventilation and Air Circulation

Attics can be humid any time of the year, which is why it’s so important to allow air to circulate well in this area. Soffits facilitate this by giving your attic proper ventilation channels. This prevents heat and humidity from building up inside the attic, providing better protection to both your roof and your home, as a whole.

Design and Curb Appeal

A soffit can come in a variety of colors, textures and styles, making it easy to find an option that complements the existing design of your house. Don’t hesitate to talk to your roofing company about choosing the right style for your home. Soffits may be a small part of your house, but their role is too important to overlook.

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