Waterproof vs. Water-Shedding Roofing Systems

Waterproof vs. Water-Shedding Roofing Systems

Water is the number one enemy of any roof and the top reason  homeowners contact their local roofing contractor for a repair or a replacement. Luckily, modern roofs have made strides in building products that combat the common effects of water damage. Today, you’ll find shingles or membranes that are either waterproof, water-resistant, or water-shedding.

All of these defenses are effective at keeping your roof protected against water-related problems on your roof. However, making the right choice for your home depends on how well you understand these three types of water protection. Let our experts at Northern Pacific Roofing explain the pros of cons of these excellent roofing features.

Waterproof Roofs

Waterproof roofing systems are simple and straightforward. The shingles or tiles themselves are coated with a special layer that makes them 100% watertight. This makes them the best choice for homes that experience frequent and heavy downpours. Waterproof roofs are recommended for homes with standing water problems. Their specialized coat is designed for prolonged exposure to moisture.

Water-Shedding Roofing Systems

For homes with a roofing pitch of 3:12 or higher (a three-foot rise for every 12-foot in length), water-shedding roofs are ideal. These types of roof work best by allowing rainflow to slide over the roof toward your gutters and downspouts where they can be drained off safely. While these roofs have some level of protection against water damage, they are not designed for roofs with standing water and precautions must be taken to prevent any problems related to such.


Water-resistant materials are more commonly found on low-sloped commercial roofing systems. Unlike their waterproof counterparts, water-resistant roofs don’t do well against standing water. They do offer protection against water penetration for flat roofs. This resistance is often enough to keep your roof safe against rainwater.

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