Tips for Year-Round Commercial Roof Maintenance

Tips for Year-Round Commercial Roof Maintenance

The performance of your building’s roof is largely dependent on proper installation and regular upkeep. Commercial roof maintenance may seem like one of those tedious tasks you can get away with skipping sometimes, but staying on top of it will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Today, trusted roofing contractor Northern Pacific Roofing shares three essential tips to guide you in maintaining your commercial roof. 

Create a Maintenance Program

A roofing professional can do this for you. However, it also helps to have an internal roof maintenance program that your own building personnel can take responsibility for. There are some tasks related to maintaining a roof that don’t necessarily require a pro. To find out which aspects of roof maintenance can be delegated to your building personnel, consult with your contractor.

Perform Necessary Repairs ASAP

Don’t wait for damage to get worse before you address it. Leaks, for instance, can quickly worsen, causing damage to other parts of your roofing system or your property in a short span of time. Delaying repairs will cost you more in the long run.

Keep an Up-to-Date and Detailed Roofing File

Building managers and personnel change over time. To help new personnel get up to speed, maintain e a comprehensive roofing file. Your records should include your building’s roof plans, warranties and documentation of roof repairs, replacement and other work. Making these files accessible to your building maintenance department will help them carry out the necessary work more efficiently.

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