The Key Features of IB-PVC Roofs

The Key Features of IB-PVC Roofs

A reliable roofing system keeps your property dry, safe and comfortable all year long. That’s why we offer the IB-PVC roofing, one of the most durable roofing systems available. Read on as Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc., a premier roofing contractor, discusses its distinct advantages.

Perfect for Flat or Low-pitched Roofs

IB-PVC roofing systems use glass and plastic stabilizers for reinforcement. This makes them stretchable over a large surface area. They are also watertight, so you won’t have to constantly worry about water intrusion. This makes them perfect for a flat or low-pitched roof.

Remarkable Longevity

A roof can become brittle when plasticizer polymers leach out of the sheet. IB-PVC roofing’s thick membrane will keep your system n peak condition for many years. Their new metallic finishes make them look like standing seams. They can stand up against strong impacts and extreme heat. That’s why IB-PVC is the ideal choice for homes in challenging climate zones.

Ease of Installation

In commercial and residential roofing, the ease of installation of IB-PVC roofing depends on roof pitch. The structure of the building and the type of vent stacks in the roof are also factors. It’s worth noting that the easier a roofing system is to install, the less expensive the process will be.

Energy Efficiency

A high-quality, properly installed roofing system can help reduce your utility costs. IB-PVC roofing systems help create an airtight building. They make a moisture-proof barrier with a very high R-value. This ENERGY STAR®-rated product reflects solar heat, keeping your HVAC from overworking. You can enjoy a more comfortable home along with lower energy costs. Plus, you can reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

Aesthetics Matter

Though flat roofs aren’t striking, design still matters when you want to use your roof as an outdoor living space. Investing in a roofing system that is appealing and durable is important. The wide array of colors of IB-PVC roofing can complement the design of your building. Choose the right color from your local roofing company to go with your property’s design.

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