Signs Your Roof Can Accommodate a Skylight Installation

Signs Your Roof Can Accommodate a Skylight Installation

Skylights offer many benefits: they fill your living space with daylight and make your home feel open and airy. However, not all roofs can accommodate a skylight installation.

In today’s post, Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc. the leading roofing company, shares three signs homeowners should look for before proceeding to install a roof skylight.

Clear Attic Path

This is the number one sign your roof can handle a skylight installation. An attic clear of pipes, wiring or an HVAC system can generally accommodate a skylight. Having a clear path in the attic will also make the installation easier and faster.

Adequate Truss Spacing 

A skylight is installed between the roof trusses, which usually aren’t wide enough to fit bigger frames. Before proceeding with the project, you’ll need to check how large a skylight size your roof trusses would allow. Most trusses can accommodate two-foot-wide skylights. You can also consult your roofing contractor regarding this matter.

Moderate Roof Pitch

Every skylight installation should have a flashing kit to prevent leaks during heavy rainfall. You should communicate with your roofing contractor about the flashing specifically made for the pitch or slope of your roof, as there are many choices and each is made for a specific roof pitch.

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