Making Your Fiber Cement Siding Stand the Test of Time

Making Your Fiber Cement Siding Stand the Test of Time

Fiber cement is low-maintenance siding, so it’s all too easy to neglect it. As you may have guessed, this practice is far from ideal. It still needs regular maintenance so it can last a long time. Read on as Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc., your local siding and roofing contractor, shows you how to maintain it and save on future repair or worse, replacement. Here are some of your home components that you need to check:

Making Your Fiber Cement Siding Stand the Test of Time


First off is washing the siding itself. How (and with what) depends on the siding, however. Some siding products are sturdy enough to handle pressure washing but others may get damaged by it. If you’re unsure, just use a garden hose and scrub the surface with a gentle sponge. Do this twice a year.


The gutters keep water from seeping into your roof, splashing onto your siding, and ruining your landscaping. A good gutter system affects the rest of your property. Clear any clogging as soon as it forms; check it especially after a storm or during fall. Otherwise, the water will back up and/or spill to the sides, staining your interior and causing leaks.


Caulking “glues” your siding together, especially its intersections and to the rest of the home. This may include the door frame, the window trim and your wall. Recaulk if it’s worn-out. If you are not sure on how to do this, call our roofing company for assistance.


Depending on the type of fiber cement siding, repainting may be necessary. Some are pre-painted so they can last for years. Others, especially those with custom colors, won’t have the same longevity. Include siding paint in your inspection and check for any peeling or cracking paint. Repaint when necessary.

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