K-Style vs. Half-Round Gutters: Pros and Cons

K-Style vs. Half-Round Gutters: Pros and Cons

Different homes have different needs when it comes to gutters. For example, homes located in climates that experience heavy rainfall need a gutter system with a large capacity. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of gutter system for your home.

The two main types of gutters are K-style and half-round. Read on as we discuss the pros and cons of both.

K-Style Gutters 

K-style gutters are the most popular option and are particularly well suited to angled roofs. Compared to other types of gutters, they can accommodate more rainfall, making them a great choice for areas that experience heavy downpours.

K-style gutters are also easy to install, making them a popular choice among DIYers. Since they’re flat on one side, they can be easily mounted on the fascia board. Keep in mind, however, that it’s always best to let a professional roofing contractor handle gutter installations. That’s because one small installation error can compromise the performance of your gutters, leading to water damage in and around your home.

Design-wise, K-style gutters mimic colonial-style crown molding, but thanks to their design versatility, they complement a wide range of architectural styles.

Of course, K-style gutters are not without disadvantages. Leaves and twigs easily get stuck in the crevices of K-style gutters. As such, regular gutter cleaning is a must for this type of gutter system.

Half-Round Gutters 

If you want to give your facade Old-World elegance, half-round gutters are a good choice. Before the 1950s, they were the most popular gutter option, as homes built in this period often had rounded rooflines, which half-round gutters were suited to.

On the downside, half-round gutters are harder to install than K-style gutters, which is why only an experienced contractor from a reputable roofing company should be entrusted for this task.

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