How Your Roof Can Affect Your Home Insurance Rate

How Your Roof Can Affect Your Home Insurance Rate

Home insurance is very important as it helps pay for unexpected repairs, especially in times of emergency. This is especially true for roofs, which may need to be repaired or replaced in the most unexpected of times. However, what some homeowners don’t realize is that the current state of their roofing system can actually affect their home insurance rate.

In this post, roofing company Northern Pacific Roofing discusses the different ways your roof can affect your home insurance rate.

Declines and Renewals

Every home insurance policy that’s issued will be followed up with a home inspection. This is so the provider can determine if the house’s condition is acceptable. If your property has any issues such as overgrown tree branches or broken flashing, it could affect your home insurance policy. Failure to resolve these issues can result in either your policy being cancelled within 60 days or denied for renewal the following year. With that in mind, always address any issues that the insurance provider’s inspector spots to prevent problems with your policy.

Insurance Savings

Surprisingly enough, there are two factors regarding your residential roofing system that can actually reduce your home insurance rate. The first is the age of the roof; if your roof is 10 years old or younger, most insurance companies will provide a discount for the roof, regardless of your home’s age. This is because roofs in this age range are less likely to leak. The second factor is the roofing material. If the roof is made of a hail-resistant material such as tile or slate, it can also attract a discount from the insurance company.

Increased Insurance Cost

The same factors can also cause your insurance rate to increase. For instance, if your roof is 15 years old or older, it can raise your wind/hail deductible from 1% to 2%. Roofs with steel panels or concrete shingles can also cause your home insurance cost to increase.

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