How Winter Conditions Affect the Roof

How Winter Conditions Affect the Roof

Asphalt shingles have remained the most popular residential roofing material for decades. Not only are they low maintenance and easy to install, but they also come in a range of colors and styles, giving you incredible versatility.

While asphalt shingles provide excellent weather resilience, they are not immune to the long-term effects of weather. Cold weather, in particular, will take a toll on any asphalt shingle roofing system.

Today, Northern Pacific Roofing shares how winter can affect your asphalt shingles and what you can do to mitigate this wear and tear.

Leaks and Water Damage

Winter can bring significant rainfall to Northern California. If your gutters are not clean or your asphalt shingles are old and worn down, you’re at risk of a roof leak. Gutter clogs can cause rain to back up onto the roof or pour over the edge, drenching your siding, landscape and foundation. Damaged shingles can provide an entryway for water, leading to a leak inside your home.

Wind Damage

Asphalt shingle roofs are resistant to wind damage, but the cold air during winter can still take a toll by stripping the protective granules on the shingles. It’s also not uncommon for loose or damaged shingles to get blown off when the wind is particularly strong.

Preventive Roof Maintenance

Fortunately, you can prevent winter roof damage by having a roofing contractor conduct preventive maintenance on your roof. This allows you to address existing roofing concerns, such as leaks and structural damage, and prevent them from becoming bigger problems in the future.

Preventative roof maintenance also helps keep your home as energy-efficient as possible. A roof that’s structurally sound and weathertight doesn’t let the warm air in your home escape through it, which means your house will stay warm and comfortable during the cold season.

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