How a Flat Roof Can Be Beneficial to Your Home

How a Flat Roof Can Be Beneficial to Your Home

Flat roofs have been getting attention recently because of their modern appeal. However, a flat roof does more than make your home look great. Northern Pacific Roofing, your local roofing contractor, discusses the advantages of having a flat roofing system on your home.

How a Flat Roof Can Be Beneficial to Your Home

Durable Roofing Materials

With flat roofs, there are three impressive material types to choose from: EPDM, built-up roofing (BUR) and modified bitumen roofing.

EPDM is ideal for buildings in storm-prone areas. It has impressive waterproof features and holds up against harsh elements for over 50 years. BUR, on the other hand, is made for homeowners with an active lifestyle because of its minimal maintenance requirements. Finally, modified bitumen is a modernized approach to flat roofs. It’s low-cost, durable and highly resistant to strong weather.

More Usable Space

Another advantage of a flat roof is that it gives you more space to work with. Fancy yourself a green thumb? You can easily convert a flat roof into a rooftop garden. Ask your trusted roofing company how they can help make this possible, and which plants are recommended for green roofs. Unsightly air conditioning units can also be moved to the roof, and TV satellites and solar panels can be installed there as well.

Fewer Repairs

Since there are no shingles and fewer roofing components to maintain, a flat roof will experience less damage over its lifespan, which means fewer repairs and less money coming out of your pocket. This makes it the right choice for the busy modern home, which needs a roof with no surprise issues popping up later on.

More Room on the Interior

A flat roof can increase the useable interior space of your home. Without the sloped walls that come with a pitched roof, you could even have a spacious top-floor apartment. Feel free to unleash your creativity with overhanging light fixtures, drapes, tall appliances and more.

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