Dry Rot: Looking For and Preventing It

Dry Rot: Looking For and Preventing It

Dry rot is a manifestation of an invasive type of fungi, which produces more than five million spores a minute in a span of several days. This makes it especially nefarious to the components of your home, like your roof, that are susceptible to moisture. Leaks, faulty gutters and plumbing issues only exacerbate this problem. This type of damage may remain invisible to the untrained eye until the component itself collapses.

Dry Rot: Looking For and Preventing It

Your local roofing contractor, Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc. wants you to know how dry rot contributes to the gradual decay of your property—and not only its aesthetic appeal. Here’s how to spot and address it.

How to Look for Dry Rot

Begin by inspecting the likely areas where there might be dry rot. This includes the aforementioned roofing areas, plumbing and gutter systems, plus any area where water may pool and collect. Dry rot enjoys moisture, like most other fungi.

Look out for tell-tale signs such as discoloration of wooden components, splitting of the wood or cracking. When you spot these areas, apply firm pressure with a screwdriver or any pointed tool. If it penetrates the wood easily or the wood chips off, there is dry rot present.

Addressing Dry Rot

Roofing experts usually apply a special type of epoxy to fill and shape the wood cavity left by dry rot. This epoxy fills the void and creates a bond. The epoxy will later become pliable for shaping and sanding once it hardens, which can be repainted and treated for further protection.

At Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc., we believe repainting your home helps boost its curb appeal and, by extension, its value. This new layer of paint keeps mold from growing and moisture out, which can prevent the formation of dry rot in the first place.

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