Common Mistakes When Installing Seamless Gutters

Common Mistakes When Installing Seamless Gutters

Gutters play a vital role in protecting your roof, siding, landscape and foundation from water damage. There are two types of gutters: seamless and sectional. Seamless gutters perform better over the long run because they’re less vulnerable to leaks. However, if they’re not installed properly, their performance will be compromised

In this post, residential roofing pros Northern Pacific Roofing Inc. discusses common mistakes made when installing seamless gutters and how to avoid them.

Wrong Pitch Calculation 

Gutters should be installed with a slight pitch to allow the water to flow to the downspouts. A mistake in the calculation of this pitch could compromise the performance of the gutter.

Wrong Placement

A mistake in the placement of the downspout will affect how your seamless gutter works. If you don’t have enough downspouts installed in the right places in your system, standing water, overflow and soil erosion around your home can occur. Your siding and foundation may also sustain damage. It’s vital to contact your local roofing company to do the installation for you to avoid such problems.

Wrong Size

Your gutters need to be sized appropriately to accommodate the rainfall in your area. If your gutters are too small, they won’t be able to handle heavy downpours, putting your property at risk of water damage.

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