Are PVC Roofing Systems Worth It?

Are PVC Roofing Systems Worth It?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a popular commercial roofing material because of its many structural, environmental and aesthetic benefits. It’s mostly applied to flat commercial roofing systems, although can also be installed on homes with flat roofs.

Read on as the roofing professionals from Northern Pacific Roofing explain why PVC is one of the best roofing materials available today.


PVC membranes are made with PVC trims, a highly recyclable waste product of many industrial processes. Older membranes can also be collected and made into new ones after being replaced. Very few materials share this level of recyclability.

Energy Efficiency

As a roofing material, PVC has earned high energy performance ratings. Light-colored PVC membranes can reflect light and heat from the sun, reducing heat absorption in the building. This greatly minimizes your carbon footprint by reducing the use of energy consumed by your heating and cooling systems.

Strength and Durability

PVC roofs easily can last decades provided they’re properly maintained. Their thermoplastic properties remain intact even after years of use. Recycled PVC retains its ability to be welded (depending on the process), which greatly reduces waste during replacement, as well as installation and maintenance costs from your trusted roofing contractor.


PVC roofs have outstanding breaking strength. PVC’s unique manufacturing process makes it both durable and flexible. This means it’s less prone to water leakage than other comparable flat roofing products. The average life span of a PVC roof is up to 30 years, needing very little maintenance throughout its service. 

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