7 Tips to Win Over Your Neighbors During Renovation

7 Tips to Win Over Your Neighbors During Renovation

So you’ve just purchased a property and you’re planning to improve parts of your new home like the roofing system. Renovations involve a lot of challenges, not the least of which is minimizing the disturbance to your neighbors.

7 Tips to Win Over Your Neighbors During Renovation

Here are seven expert tips to win your neighbors over during a renovation, courtesy of your local expert roofing company, Northern Pacific Roofing:

1. Connect With Your Neighbors – If you’ve just purchased your property, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors and leave your contact details so they’ll know how to reach you in case they have concerns about the construction.

2. Introduce Your Contractors – If you’re having your roof repaired, consider introducing your roofing contractor to your neighbors as this puts them at ease. It can also establish rapport because they might need the same services in the future.

3. Give a Token – Announce your renovation plans in person and give your neighbors small gifts like gift cards or baked goods. This encourages good communication and helps you gain their understanding, as well.

4. Schedule Work at Reasonable Hours – If your renovations include noisy work like a roof or siding installation, don’t schedule the project early in the morning or late at night. Consider that your neighbors may be resting at this time.

5. Keep Things Tidy – To prevent conflict, hire a roofing contractor that ensures the cleanliness of the construction site after the work is completed.

6. Choose a Trusted Contractor – A company like Northern Pacific Roofing doesn’t only excel at their work, but also provides good customer service to both their clients and their clients’ neighbors.

7. Invite Your Neighbors After the Renovation – This allows your neighbors to appreciate the result of the renovations and helps build good relationships.

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