6 Rookie Mistakes Made by DIY Gutter Installers

6 Rookie Mistakes Made by DIY Gutter Installers

If you’re considering gutter installation for your next DIY job, think again. Gutter installation is much more difficult than it seems. You could easily botch the job without the proper tools and training. Here’s why it pays to hire a roofing contractor instead:

1. Incorrect Pitch
Gutters appear to lie flat, but they’re actually slightly angled. This is so that water drains towards the downspouts. The pitch needs to be precisely calculated; if it’s too high, water will flow too quickly, but if it’s too flat, water will pool in the gutters.

2. Wrong Type of Gutters
Many homeowners aren’t aware that there are different types of gutters. They vary in shape and size too. A roofing professional can advise you on which type of gutter would best suit your home’s unique specifications and the demands of the local climate.

3. Improper Placement
Gutters need to be placed underneath the edge of your roof so they can catch falling water, as opposed to placement at the end of the roof. Amateurs often don’t realize this, leading to incorrect placement.

4. Incorrect Hanger Spacing
Many gutters today are installed with a hanger system. Any mistake in spacing the mounts may lead to sagging gutters, a serious problem.

5. Too Many Seams

The bane of any gutter system is the seams. They’re prone to leaks, breaks or creating clogs in the system. A professional can determine exactly how many seams you need.

6. Tilting Gutters
Gutters that weren’t installed properly may tilt too far forward instead of hanging straight. This makes them more likely to sag and break when bearing heavy loads of rainfall.

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