6 Lesser-Known Roofing Terminologies and What They Mean

6 Lesser-Known Roofing Terminologies and What They Mean

Understanding how your roof works will help you take better care of it. To do so, you need to be somewhat well-versed in roofing lingo.

6 Lesser-Known Roofing Terminologies and What They Mean

Northern Pacific Roofing, Inc., your local roofing company, shares six lesser known roofing terminologies and explains what they mean.

1. Gable and Gambrel Roofs

The gable is a staple feature of sloped roofs. It’s the upper portion of a sidewall that comes into a triangular point; the tip of your roof, so to speak. As for what a Gambrel Roof is, it’s a type of roof design that contains two slopes with a steeper lower slope than the upper. Both have gables on each end. This type of roof is a common sight in Colonial or Dutch Colonial homes.

2. Felt

Felt is a fibrous material that’s saturated with asphalt and used as underlayment – the secondary waterproofing barrier under the shingles. When your roofing contractor refers to something as felt, they are talking about the underlayment of the roof.

3. Granules

Granules are what we call the ceramic-coated colored, crushed rock applied on top of asphalt roofs. They are the very surface of the shingle and what gives it its rough, sandpaper-like texture. These serve as the waterproofing layer of the shingle, and you can gauge how old your roof is by how many granules it has lost.

4. Valley

This is the internal angle that’s formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes. It’s one of the more vulnerable parts of the roof to leaks, which is why it’s crucial that you have flashing installed in this area.

5. Caulk

When we say caulk, we refer to the actual process of filling a roofing joint with mastic or asphalt cement. This is a vital process as it helps prevent water intrusion and leaks.

6. Roll Roofing

This is a catch-all term for any residential roofing system made of asphalt that comes in roll form. Roll roofing is most commonly used on low-slope roofs.

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