3 Ways You Can Winter-Proof Your Commercial Roof

With the winter season just around the corner, it’s important that you take the time now to ensure your roof is as sturdy and weather resistant as possible. In this post, Northern Pacific Roofing shares three ways you can winter-proof your commercial roof.

1. Schedule an Inspection

Whether your property is brand new or has been operating for years, it’s vital that you schedule a complete roof inspection before the winter season officially starts. While most roofs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, they still experience wear and tear when exposed to winter conditions like cold temperatures, excessive rain, strong winds, ice and snow.

2. Get Ahead on Repairs

Performing a physical examination of your roof gives you an insight into its true condition and allows you to address small concerns that will only become bigger problems in the future if left unaddressed. A small crack in the roof may not seem dangerous, but it will only worsen given the time, potentially leading to serious damage.

Winter conditions can further aggravate existing damage to your commercial roof. Sleet and hail can knock holes in it or strip the bitumen that protects flat and low-slope roofs, making them more susceptible to rain and wind damage.

By tackling minor repairs now, you’re protecting your investment and ensuring your property remains as energy-efficient as possible during the winter season.

3. Be Vigilant

While Mother Nature is unpredictable, you should still be on lookout for potential trouble spots. Leaks and chipped pieces of the roof are all warning signs that you should take note of and be prepared to address with the help of your roofing company.

With a better understanding of how winter roofing problems start, you’ll be better prepared to prevent damage. Let Northern Pacific Roofing assist you in your efforts to winter-proof your home. Call us at (415) 456-3482 to learn more about our services. Our commercial roofing services are available to property owners in San Rafael, Petaluma, San Francisco and nearby areas in CA.