Avoid These 4 Roofing Emergency Mistakes

When you know you have sustained serious damage to your roofing in Novato, CA, it can be easy to want to push repairs off for another time. Doing so, however, can put your insurance claim in jeopardy. Additionally, the longer damage sits, the more severe and costly it can become. If you want to evade extensive problems and the bills that go with them, take care to avoid the four following mistakes.


1. Putting Safety Second


If a tree limb comes crashing onto your roof, the last thing you should do is continue to walk around underneath it. Scenarios such as these leave major structural damage in their wake. A roof isn’t designed to bear the weight of heavy debris; don’t wait around to find out if yours is the exception. Always put your personal safety first.


2. Waiting to Act


When a leak trickles down through your ceiling, it’s natural to want to prop up a bucket to collect the water and call it a night. While this may work to save your carpet and hardwood, it will do little to stem the surge of water damage in your roof and underlayment. Do not wait to act; call your roofers in San Rafael, CA, at the first sign of problems.


3. Not Consulting Your Contractor


Even if you are a handy homeowner, a roofing emergency is not the time to put your skills to the test. For example, you may think you can stop a leak just by patching up damaged shingles, but it’s also possible the source is something else entirely. Always consult your contractor and let him or her handle the repairs.


4. Failing to Document Damage


Pictures and video of the scene of the accident go a long way toward convincing insurance companies to offer maximum compensation. Feel free to let your roofing contractor in San Francisco, CA, assist with this process.


These are just some of the most important roofing damage mistakes to avoid. 

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